There are Currently two editions of Dark Fantasy. The Lite edition is compact (with a 2 column format) and contains no illustrations. The Illustrated version has much larger file sizes and is more spread out, easier to read and has full electronic table of contents and index links. Each of the editions contains 3 books plus character sheets.

All files are in PDF format, requiring the Adobe Acrobat reader, which may be obtained for any platform at no cost directly from Adobe.

All three books plus the character sheets are really required to play the game. I you want to have a look before downloading it all, download them the order given. You could perhaps survive without the campaign book, though it has monsters, & beast stats, etc.

Have fun with it and drop me an email if you have any comments.

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Main Rulebook (82 Pages, 280k)
Magic System (48 Pages, 180k)
The Campaign (30 Pages, 150k)
Character Sheets (5 Pages 20k)
Main Rulebook (130 Pages, 2.1MB)
Magic System (78 Pages, 1.1MB)
The Campaign (46 Pages, 500k)
Character Sheets (5 Pages 20k)

In order to download the books, you need to select the "Save Link/Target As..." option which is usually accessed by clicking on the right mouse button on the link. Note that all these documents are in PDF format and require the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe.