I started work on Dark Fantasy on a part time basis in late 1984 whilst at university. By late 1985, the rules were in reasonable shape though there was still a lot of work to be done to clean them up. Over the years the system had quite a few contributors (see the credits in the books). I must thank Peter Simcic for the enormous amount of work he put into it & Rowan Dunch for his support over the years, the many long hours he spent attempting to make my English make sense and for writing Dark Fantasy Introduction found on the main page.

In 1987 I started to look for publishers without much success and several years ticked by without me spending much time on the rules. In 1993 I started on the rules again, in an attempt to get a finished product that I could at least put on the shelf and say was complete.

In 1995 I found a publisher called Fractal Dimensions though progress was slow and it began to look like dark Fantasy would never get published. So, in 1997, I decided to put Dark Fantasy on the Web on a site hosted by Fractal Dimensions. In the last 2 years, over 5000 people have downloaded Dark Fantasy and one of the early visitors to the site, Yesse America, later sent me the main graphic on this Dark Fantasy page.

It was always my intention to make Dark Fantasy easily accessible, though in putting it on the web means that it is available to anyone with a computer printer. Though I own a Registered Trade Mark for Dark Fantasy and own the copyright, Dark Fantasy may be freely printed and copied for personal use. It may not be sold or produced commercially or re-published in any form without written permission from the author.

The only other condition for downloading the game is that you try and enjoy yourself while you are playing it.

If you are interested in publishing Dark Fantasy or using the rules as an engine for a computer based FRPG then please contact Tim Barrett.