© Copyright 1997 by Tim Barrett.

Illustrations by Oai Huynh.

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Contrary to popular belief, our level of happiness is something that we have ultimate control over. We can look at a glass half filled with water and view it in a positive light (saying it is half full) or a negative light (saying it is half empty). In a car accident, we can be thankful that our lives were spared, or we can be upset about the damage to the car. No material thing creates or sustains happiness. If viewed in a negative light, almost anything could cause unhappiness whereas viewed in a positive light, life itself can be a source of great joy.

In a similar way, we also have ultimate control over our destiny and each of us is capable of achieving great things. With desire and determination we can achieve our highest goals and live happy and fruitful lives.

This book contains numerous ideas and examples of how to be happy and successful. Use it to get ideas about what changes you may want to make to yourself or your life, and then all you have to do is implement them. No doubt some of the ideas expressed will not ring true, though if the book makes you smile or helps you make the slightest difference to your life then it has achieved its goal.

The topics of A Guide to Success and Happiness are:


Taking Responsibility

Thinking for yourself

Being Understanding

Solving Problems

Being Positive or Negative


Trusting Your Heart

Making an Effort

Direction and Focus

Taking Action

Making a Difference


Caring & Giving

Letting Go



Perceptions & Judgements

Making Your Own Reality

The Law of Karma

Objectiveness & Religion

Destiny & Opportunity

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